Church of the Three Crosses, Imatra

Support the renovation of the Church of the Three Crosses designed by Alvar Aalto.

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Fundraising event and lecture in Imatra, Finland 24th October 2023. "Why Saving the Aalto's Church of the Three Crosses Matters" - PhD Sofia Singler, Cambridge University, UK. Watch it here. 


PRO Kolmen Ristin kirkko Imatra is an association founded in December 2021 with the purpose of promoting awareness and knowledge of the history of the Church of the Three Cross designed by Alvar Aalto in Imatra. The Church of the Three Crosses is a unique building worldwide and the association supports the restoration and renovation of the church.

To raise funds for the church's renovation, the association organises fundraising events, training seminars and product sales.

The Church of the Three Crosses is an architectural gem designed by Alvar Aalto. It was completed in 1958 and represents a modern church complex with a separate church hall and various recreational facilities. Aalto's visionary has led the way in the design of the new church facilities. The church is a complete work of art for which Aalto also designed the entire interior including the lights and the collection plate.

You can support the renovation of the church by becoming a member of the association.